Our Favorite Ways to Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Our Favorite Ways to Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses. Mobile Image

Jan 28, 2021

While we love the traditional uniform look of bridesmaid dresses, lately, plenty of brides have been opting to mix & match their bridesmaid dresses, creating a gorgeous palette of different colors and styles to reflect the individuality of the women in their wedding party. The mix & match bridesmaids look is stunning, but can be intimidating to begin to put together. Looking to have the mismatched look but unsure where to start? Take a look at some of our tips for mismatched bridesmaid dresses below!

Same Dresses, Different Colors

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An easy way to ensure your bridesmaids look cohesive is to pick a dress you love and let each bridesmaid choose from a few colors. You get the fun look of mix and match without needing to think about the outcome of each individual dress together—you already know they’ll look great together! This way bridesmaids can choose a color they feel they’ll look best in while still blending in with your vision for your wedding. 

Same Color, Different Dresses

#2003 by Bari Jay

2002 by Bari Jay

Another easy way to know the bridesmaid dresses will look incredible together? Choose a designer you love and tell your girls what color you want—designers often work with the same fabric and color across a few dress styles, and this way each bridesmaid can choose the style that fits her best so everyone can feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day. This also still maintains some of the traditional look of a single bridesmaid dress, while letting each woman show off her individuality!

Different Colors and Dresses

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Another way to mismatch bridesmaid dresses (and the one that will take the most work!) is to have different colors and different styles. This can be difficult if you let all of your bridesmaids choose a dress without you—if you say you want shades of blue, you could get exactly what you’re looking for, or someone could buy a dress that’s just slightly too green or too dark and the entire look of the wedding party is thrown off. We think the best way to do this is choose a few dresses and colors you like together, and let each bridesmaid choose their favorite. You get the effortless beauty of mismatched bridesmaid dresses without the headache of needing to check that everyone’s dress fits in with your wedding palette!

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