5 Gorgeous Prom Trends That Will Win In 2023 - Jovani

It's time to start looking for prom dresses for 2023! At Irini's Originals, we love helping girls like you find their perfect gown. However, it’s hard to choose one dress when you’ve got so many beautiful dresses to choose from! This is why we put together a list of the top 5 prom dress trends from one of our favorite prom dress designers, Jovani:


Boho Trend

Embrace your free-spirited side with boho prom 2023 looks! Boho dresses typically have long, flowing silhouettes and floral patterns, tiers, fringes, or embroidery. The most popular fabrics in this style are cotton and linen. Think fun patterns, beads, tassels, and intricate designs! This results in a stunning, girly look that's free-spirited.




Flowy Trend

It's hard to beat flowy, silky fabrics and graceful draping for prom 2023! Dresses that cascade over your curves are elegant and enchanting. This trend is great because it flatters every body type and feels comfortable, which is perfect for dancing the night away! 




Glam Trend

 So many girls dream of the ultimate glamorous prom night look, and we can definitely help you find that perfect dress! A glam style allows you to feel like a movie star on the red carpet. You can’t go wrong with adding rhinestones, sequins, luxurious fabrics, and intricate detailing to achieve this vibe. 




Mermaid Trend

Wearing a mermaid gown is the best way to wow the crowd! Curves abound in these dresses, with tight bodices and full skirts. Mermaid dresses are perfect for prom night if you want to feel sexy and stunning! You'll feel like a queen with this super feminine choice. 




Fit-and-Flare Trend

Fit-and-flare is the key to creating an hourglass shape. This look shows off your curves with a fitted bodice and full skirt. Plus, it looks gorgeous on each and every body type. If you prefer a more understated style in a lighter color that flatters your skin tone, then you can opt for a gown like this icy blue one below.




f you’re feeling inspired, make sure you browse our other prom dresses and come visit us to find the perfect gown at Irini’s Originals!