Prom Dresses to Suit Your Aesthetic

If it’s time for you to find the perfect prom dress, we’ve got some fantastic ideas to inspire you! Here at Irini’s Originals, we know how tough it can be to start the process of finding a prom dress. After all, there are SO many different styles and silhouettes out there to choose from. Where do you begin?

We always recommend that our customers consider their overall aesthetic (or dream aesthetic) to help find the best prom dress for them. You can either opt for a style that’s very “you,” or you can take this opportunity to try a totally new aesthetic. Either way, here are some of our favorite prom dresses based on different aesthetics! 



If you’re looking to achieve an elegant prom look, opt for a simple yet sophisticated gown like this beautiful one from Jovani. It’s perfect for an elegant look because it’s stunning but it isn’t too dramatic! In this stunning dress, a plunging v-neckline is adorned with a thick waistband that will accentuate your natural waist and give you a snatched look. Your natural curves are given an elegant look by the satin material, making you look like a real life princess!




If you prefer aesthetics that are more on the edgy side, consider wearing something like this glamorous high-low Jovani dress! While you don’t have to wear black to achieve an edgy look, it never hurts, especially when paired with a sheer overlay like this number. This dress has a unique appearance due to exposed boning and appliques on the sweetheart corset bodice. Under the sheer tulle a-line skirt is a short fitted skirt. The skirt is embellished with matching appliques all over!


“That Girl”


Everyone wants to be the girl at prom who has a daily skin and workout routine, a cute outfit every day, and perfect Instagram photos. Choose stunning dresses that accentuate your figure and feature unique details like this gorgeous blue dress! The feather-finished column gown is sure to turn a few heads! The dress has a deep V neckline, a fitted bodice embellished with sheer lace, and an open back. With a slit that sweeps into a train at the front, you get to lead with a sexy leg.




You might want to choose a prom dress that has a girly aesthetic if you are bubbly and girly. Consider shades of pink and purple that are more feminine and bright! And if you wear this dress from Jovani, you’re certainly going to have all eyes on you! A perfect fit is ensured by a jersey-fitted silhouette, a V-shaped sheer neckline, and strappy open back.

Are you ready to find the perfect prom look? Book an appointment with us today at Irini’s Originals!